healing alone.

Too many people have allowed themselves to remain in situations that are unproductive. As you mature, you outgrow interests, hobbies, habits and even people. The process of elimination works the best. Especially when you’ve exhausted all attempts to make it right. The more you stay in a negative situation, the more you need to start blaming yourself.

Because of my strength and independence people rarely believe when I need help. Why is that? Aren’t I human like you? I’ve been taught that crying is a sign of weakness. However, when you’re grieving, mourning, or trying to cope with things that recently occurred in your life, you have no choice but to cry. Most times, I cried alone. But I almost allowed it to make me lose everything (even my business).

So one day, I woke up.

If you have the desire to do something, then do it. You will feel much worse if you never did. Then you’ll be living your whole life wondering the “shoulda, coulda, woulda”. Sometimes, we reach a point where we can finally tolerate the downfalls of life, yet are unable to cease it or prevent it from happening again. The only way you will successfully end it all (the negativity, the disappointments, the frustrations) is to stand up for yourself, and stand up for what you believe in. Quit settling & start your search for what you truly deserve. More than likely, your stress is caused by you compromising yourself, to suit others or a particular situation. I know that’s what caused mine. And I’ve finally ended that cycle. For months I’ve been catering to people’s incapability of handling problems the right way, or even their own stress, only out of hope, respect & love. But where are they now when I need them the most? Exactly. Better question: where was my dignity? Where was my ability to take charge & do what’s right?

May have took a few months to start the road of “bouncing back”, but guess what?…I’m here. Without the help I expected. Funny thing is, one of my goals was to be able to survive on my own.

Feels great.

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  1. shatonia taylor said:

    Loved it omg almost made me cry.. Thank you for this !!

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