Online Store Deposit


Get the best of ALL worlds!

• Logo Design ($500 without logo)
• “Launching Soon” Website Design
—- (example: WWW.MONAMILIPS.COM)
• e-Commerce Store Platform
• 1 Free Month Of Hosting & Maintenance
• Personalized Website Graphics
• Secure Anti-Spam Contact Form
• SEO & Social Media Marketing
• Website Management Video Tutorials


Here are a few benefits of running an eCommerce store:

  • 24/7 shopping: Many eCommerce websites allow shoppers to peruse products and make buying decisions at any time, day or night. This makes shopping easier for customers, and that kind of accessibility is a huge competitive advantage. Plus, integration with social media allows businesses to take advantage of even more channels to engage with customers.
  • Widened scope: A physical store is limited to selling to customers who are in the area. Many eCommerce websites extend businesses to people all over the country or around the world, vastly expanding its customer base and potential revenue. Selling online also offers the ability to broaden or increase inventory — the number of items a business can sell online doesn’t need to be limited in the same way as a physical store, which might be a consideration to increase cash flow.