Know Your Worth For Love

You can’t change how people treat you, but you can change what you accept. Love will never disappoint you. Love will never hurt you. Do not allow other people to tell you love will produce something negative. This leads to adapting to negative expectations. Then guess what? You start lowering your standards because you believe that’s what “love” is about.

Stop accepting less than your worth. Giving people “the benefit of the doubt” has expired now. With the help of God and positive thinking, you’ll be able to make these changes to your life. You’ve accepted much lower than your standards in the past because you were afraid of losing people. Fear of loneliness. Fear of making your demands. However, you’re still alone, still lonely, even while someone’s there. Step up your self-worth and you’ll see the difference in the type of people that enters and EXITS your life. Trust me, it’ll be refreshing and then you’ll be awarded with the love you deserve. 

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  1. Shaneika Gholston said:

    Thanks for such positive inspiration in times like this.

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