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“Don’t let all the tiny details paralyze you from building your business. You will never have all the answers – so just get started right now!”

Learning how to build an online store from scratch can be a daunting task. Starting an online store has advantages over having a physical storefront: there’s no rent to pay, and you can reach millions of customers from the comfort of your own home. To have a shot at success, however, it’s a good idea to put as much thought into starting an online store as you would for any other business. You’ll need a great product, a user-friendly website, and a solid marketing plan. Read on to learn how to get started.


eCommerce is an online store with shopping cart features. People can purchase your products via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and all other major credit cards payments. I provide a huge discount when it comes to eCommerce because most web developers take “full control” of the website and charge fees for everything. I am a web designer, so I will build your website and provide you with tutorials that will aide you with frequent online inventory and pricing changes. For eCommerce and shopping cart functions, you will receive a detailed tutorial pdf file (as a courtesy) on how to add products to your online store & etc. It is assumed that you as the website owner will make all changes and updates to your website yourself. The reasons why I do not add the merchandise are:

a) It would be an extra charge for me to do it, and I am all about my clients saving their money.
b) Because it’s your store! Who knows the products and pricing better than the person that owns it? :)
c) The time you spend drafting a list to email me the items, pictures, descriptions and the price, could have been spent putting it in yourself on your website.

Please review the few examples! For more information: sales@kisschaneldesigns.com


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Why is it important to have a website?

People generally prefer to do business with people they “know.” On your site you will give people the opportunity to get to know your business (and perhaps you) and feel more comfortable with you. Once this is established they will be more likely to want to do business with you as compared to the other, similar company whom they know nothing about.

The 1st consult is free! I encourage you to email me your inquiries before you decide to start a contract with me to design your website. I pride myself in providing excellent customer service and dedication that always leave my clients fully satisfied with their final product. Contact sales@kisschaneldesigns.com or here.


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The truth is, despite the old adage, people do judge a book by its cover. Your company’s logo is its “cover”. It is the first thing a potential customer or client sees and all of their impressions of your company’s identity are based upon it. Because of that, you want a logo that will accurately convey your vision and what your company represents.

1. Great Logos Make Great First Impressions – Before your sales person knocks on the door, before your truck pulls up, and even before they call you, potential customers consider your logo when they decide whom to trust.

2. Attract New Customers – Your customers see hundreds of logos a day—and they know a good logo when they see one. By sending the right message to potential customers, your logo helps them choose you over the competition.

3. Your logo looks like it was a “do-it-yourself” project. – A good logo design also serves another purpose. The type of style, color choices, and lettering chosen can often be applied across all of your company’s materials. By doing so, your business will have a unified presence across all of its media, further establishing your company’s professional appearance.

If this sounds like a lot to rest on the shoulders of your logo, don’t worry…I can help!


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Make your brand P.O.P by allowing us to revamp it! With only $25 you can leave a long standing impression and we will ensure that impression is a positive one!

• Instagram/Flyer Design
• Eye-Catching Homepage
• Landing/Coming Soon Page
• Header/Banner Design
• Contact Form + Mailing List
• Blog or Social Media Icons

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