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knowing is beautiful.

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I know there are no guarantees in life. I know we need our struggles to appreciate any good that comes our way. I know looking in your eyes means so much more then a gentle touch. I know I’m not perfect. I know I’m addictive. I know society has contradictions. I know there are hypocritical people out there. I know karma get the best of us. I know the smooth taste of Raspberry Schweppes soothes my anxiety. I know rainy days are gloomy yet electrifies intimacy. I know anything’s possible once you put your mind to it. I know it’s best to ignore ignorance. I know you see me ignoring you. I know I am happy, content & satisfied with my life. I know I am blessed with a beautiful daughter. I know some may dislike me. I know majority love me. I know unfortunate people are more grateful for what they have. I know money doesn’t make a man. I know a better body doesn’t make a woman. I know I am never threatened by you or anyone else. I know there’s something about love that makes me weak. I know I am naturally beautiful, regardless of my 30 inch weave. I know you’re a jealous bitch. I know I’m argumentative. I know I have revolved my ways. I know being a black woman reflects so much more then a “nigger bitch”. I know I am the epitome of independence, strength, survival & control. I know music calms my nerves yet me makes yearn for love. I know he simple adores kissing these lips. I know who I am. I know you have no clue. I know you’re curious. I know you will never figure me out. I know you will never move me. I know the mind holds extreme power. I know money is the root of all evil. I know I may be difficult at times. I know I attract losers. I know I will continue to protrude positivity. I know you hate me. I know, that you know, that I know, that you are aware…that I know. Trust me, I am knowing and I am informed. And knowing is beautiful. 

Knowing is beautiful and doing is wise because actions speak louder than words. By our actions lies truth and nothing’s more beautiful than being true to yourself and others. Knowing is beautiful and what’s even more beautiful is the woman who knows or at least realizes that she doesn’t have to try to be beautiful. She is beautiful all on her own, with no effort.[spacer]

[highlight]❝ Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher. ❞ — Oprah Winfrey[/highlight]


gloIt’s impossible to love, while hating. Progress, while oppressing. Trying to promote unity within yourself yet tearing others down. How can you understand if you’re not listening? Withholding rational & logic but expect to be understood & respected? It’s simply impossible. You need to know that there’s only one path to follow = negative or positive. Either we accept what we believe in ourselves and keep it moving or allow others to convince us otherwise. If we love ourselves as the foundation as future growth for our own progress, we don’t need to worry about others hating us. Please know that if you’re that effective towards the world without even saying a word then know that you are phenomenal. Do not acknowledge the negativity. Enforce it into something positive and realize you are that important to even be thought about. In any way. Therefore you just learned one new thing about yourself. It’s much more rewarding to carry yourself with class, grace, & style when so much negativity is thrown your way. Turn your nose up and just ignore the ignorance. People who are unhappy with themselves put so much time into hating others, yet they wanna know everything about them. They judge you and crucify you for the things you have done in your life. Ironically, they have nerve to talk. Then they try to emulate you, befriend your friends, befriend your enemies, follow your life, try to figure out what you’re doing, who you’re doing, when you’re doing it, the whole nine yards. Almost like an obsession. When they are unable to accept the harsh cruel reality, which is their life, they commence to focus on the people they envy (you) and spread rumors about you. You know who you are. You know what you represent. You know what your life entails. You are untouchable.[spacer]

And just by knowing…you become invincibly beautiful.


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When people don’t believe in you, you have to believe in yourself. Do you believe in knowing who you are & that you will remain that way forever? Just when you thought you had yourself all figured out, there’s always that one delusional individual that sees you in a totally different perspective than what you exude. As they are expressing their opinion of you, to you….you’re either going to agree or disagree, right? Well, what if most times you find yourself disagreeing? Does that mean you really don’t know yourself. All that you were projecting as your persona, was that all a waste of time? Or does it truly mean THEY really don’t know YOU?

Continue to believe that you’re the best because you ARE the best. And no one, I mean no one, can tell you otherwise. Always remember that no matter how useless you or anyone else think you are, you’re still someone’s reason to smile. Everyone deserves to be valued, respected and loved.

unanswered questions.

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Love isn’t meant to be solved. It’s just is. Take heed to these words if you ever find yourself feeling stuck, asking questions or doubting your relationship. Life & relationships are not about being frozen in place, wondering “Where do I go from here?”. It’s about growth, commitment, love and knowing your path. Sometimes you may just have to fight for love because the other party is simply scared of it. And if you’re the person who’s scared of love, scared of fighting to make things work, scared to make the slightest effort to earn that companionship, you need to do some thorough soul searching. Life is so much better to aim for your desires than not trying at all. I personally prefer to try, and maybe get rejected, than to not knowing at all if it would have worked. I know, I know…easier said than done. But remember: The hardest advice to follow is your own.

No one is meant to be alone. Never believe that saying “We all die alone”. We WHO? You know who dies alone? Hateful people who treat everyone less than their worth & with ill intent. There was a point in my life where everything was broken, and only one thing was “fixed”. When I’ve fixed everything that was broken, the one “fixed” thing that was motivating me, inspiring me, provided hope, faith and courage, became the one thing that was broken. “Where is the balance? Is this a sign? Is God trying to tell me something, but because the music is too loud, I can’t hear him? Or do I subconsciously not want to hear him?” were questions I used to ask myself. I finally became inpatient and instead of waiting for those answers, I executed actions that allowed me to not ask those questions anymore. And like…the problems were fixed.

When I think about life and the events that occur in it, I used to always wonder what’s the real reason certain things happen. One year can be stress filled and then the next year is eventful. You know how someone can finish pouring their heart to you about a devastating situation and the only thing we’ll probably say is “everything happens for a reason“? Then you find yourself searching for that reason. To a lot of things. Why did certain people hurt me the way they did? Why weren’t you there for me when I needed guidance throughout my childhood? Why did she have to die the way she did? People come in your life as blessings, while others come in your life as lessons. Negative experiences happens in our lives to make us stronger. What won’t break us will make us. It seems like the more positive we get about things and our current situation, negativity tries it’s best to shove it’s head into our life and ruin it. Refuse to let the bad outweigh the good. I try my best to keep my focus on the good things like bubblegum, dick & weave sales.

Just kidding about dick. Not wait, I’m not.

no doubts.

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Question no one; Answer to no one.

I trust and accept all the good things that make their way into my experience.
I trust and accept all the love offered me.
I trust and accept that peace and happiness are my birthright.

We’ve all experienced it– that moment when we look for the imperfection in what appears to be flawless. It’s that split-second when our wounded, frightened emotional self rises up, takes the helm, and announces, “This is too good to be true.” When that moment happens our perspective shifts from open-hearted acceptance to fear-based faithlessness. The experience can spark a witch-hunt for reasons to doubt someone’s words or distrust their actions, no matter how full of integrity they truly are. Of course what we’re really hunting for are reasons to sabotage the flow of good in our lives, either to avoid being vulnerable or to validate the belief that we aren’t worthy. Whatever the underlying reason, if we allow ourselves to proceed with sirens blaring, looking for evidence to support our negative storytelling, our hearts will close up and close off what could be the best thing to ever happen to us. We will find completely erroneous reasons to push away the very things we deeply desire and yearn for, and “too good to be true,” will become “too good to let be true for me.”

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The foundation of our happiness is to have a positive sense of self-value. This also guarantee success within ourselves. When we doubt ourselves and allow people to treat us less than our value, we become worthless. Regardless the level of your esteem and security, always remember that you’re unique and you have a gift to offer. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If they do, they are just jealous because they never gotten the chance to know you and know what you’re about. Characteristics that they find as flaws, the next person will adore it. They will follow, monitor and even try to sabotage you just so their miserable ass can nitpick for something out of the ordinary. Let them continue. It means nothing to you & neither do they. You have an unique quality within yourself that they are lacking and instead of acknowledging that quality & giving credit when it’s due, they try their best to convince themselves (and possibly others) that you are the opposite & commence to bring you down.

The five simple rules to be happy:

  1. Free your heart from hatred – Forgive.
  2. Free your mind from worries – Most never happens.
  3. Live simply and appreciate what you have.
  4.  Give more.
  5. Expect less from people but more from yourself.

I am naturally happy. For the first time in my life: I’ve earned this feeling on my own. I wake up everyday just knowing that I am fabulous. No, I don’t think I’m better than you. No, I don’t think I’m prettier than you. And no, I am not vain. I am able to recognize that I have something valuable to give the world and no matter how many people wish I didn’t have so many talents that make me the person that I am today, they will never dim my light that shines from within. If you’re insecure or have low self-esteem, keep rehearsing that in your mind. Like I stated before, what you may find “wrong” within yourself, there’s someone out there that will embrace that and love you for you. Take no shorts, cut down on the compromising and never settle for less. Believe in who we are & what we do. Look up to & trust ourselves to make it through the difficulties just knowing that we can. We are the only ones who are responsible for building that self-confidence. Don’t do it for him. Don’t do it for her. Don’t try to prove them wrong. Don’t worry about their negative opinion. We’re all are equipped & capable of getting to where we want to be as long as we create a positive pattern of self-worth. Continue to believe you’re the best because you are the best. And no one, I mean no one…..can tell you otherwise.

Remember: The best revenge is happiness. Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone actually living a good life.

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