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rihanna’s police photo.

Thu 2.19.09in companionship21



I have no words for this. Let’s keep her in our prayers and hope that she finds the strength to pursue legal charges and not end up reconciling a relationship with him.

On the other hand, I just read that Chris Brown lawyer is going to be none other than Mark Geragos. The same lawyer who represented guilty celebrities like Michael Jackson (for the molestation of those boys), Scott Peterson (for the murder of his wife Laci Peterson), Wiona Ryder (for shoplifting at Publix), and Gary Condit (the democrat who had an affair with the murdered Chandra Levy). If this doesn’t say “I’m guilty and I need a way out” then I don’t know what does. Good luck fighting off those burly men who loved Rihanna in jail, mother fucker.

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  1. Tanyesha says:

    Our radio stations have reported that he didn’t beat her and that her family is very supportive of them putting this behind them. So I’m pretty much like :huh: right now.

  2. Crystal says:


    Omg !! I didnt imagine she would look like this. I been hearing so many rumors about this, I hate to say this, but it’s something about Chris Brown, he look like he have a whole other side to him, and I am sure it’s a side we don’t know about Rihanna also we don’t know.. I honestly believe it’s been going on for a while, but I don’t think this sever. I wouldn’t even be surprise If she get back with him, but I really hope this is an eye opener for her and she have strength to move on and go on with the case. I see girls calling Rihanna disrespectful names because they are so in awe of Chris,the brother might have a wonderful voice, looks good and a great performer, but we don’t know what go on behind closed doors, and believe me If he was some average joe who wasn’t on tv you wouldn’t be so awe of him then. Teen Heartthrobs come and go.

    I’m praying for the both of them.

  3. Crystal says:

    I didn’t think it would be so bad! :cry:

    • chanel says:

      Getting hit in the face period is bad as hell. Look at how we act when we have something as simple as a pimple.

  4. Sophia says:

    ohh that’s horrible! :shock: When i saw the post i just had to comment, i mean we all see the nice and cute chris brown but now we kinda see his true face, i mean never ever hand your hand on a woman this only shows cowardness, poor Rihanna hope she get better and hope chris go to jail.. for ever :blogxx:

  5. Jazzie V says:

    :hmm: well I’ve heard so many differeent stories I can’t place judgement right now.

    And I heard she IS back with him.

  6. Jazzie V says:

    :blogpp: by the way love the theme! Hope ur doing well!

  7. It fucking irks me how people keep saying ‘I can’t make judgement until I know the full story’ etc, etc etc. What the fuck do you mean?! Are you people seeing what I’m seeing? Because I’ve seen women get the fuck beat out of them and not one of them ended up looking like this (and this is before the swelling)…so I can’t even begin to fathom how badly this beating really was. Nothing justifies it. Nothing.

    All the rest of the shit is speculations…we dunno who started what but the FACT is, Rihanna got the shit beat out of her by Chris Brown…so that’s what you make a judgement based off. He was wrong. She hit him first? He was wrong. She gave him herpes? He was wrong. She spazzed over a text? He was wrong. He was wrong. He was wrong. He was wrong.

    Not to mention, getting hit in your face is the most demeaning and soul snatching thing on earth. Getting beat to this extent, I don’t think ya’ll understand the evil that had to be in this man in that moment to do such a thing. He completely blacked out and ignored the fact that the whole world would know about this in a matter of hours.

    Poor Baby.

    • chanel says:

      It is UTTERLY disgusting to see so many people downplay this still. “Oh it’s not that bad.” “She must’ve done something to deserve it.” “She probably hit her head against the dashboard.” “Her forehead was already big.” WTF? To be completely cliche, what if this was your sister? Your mother? Your daughter?…who came home looking like this? And you’re right that this isn’t even the true result of the abuse because it takes 24-48 hours for the bruises to ripe. When you watch a Mike Tyson fight, the opponent looks just fine until you see them in an interview the next day. Why do people feel there is a justified reason for a man to beat a woman like this? Hopefully she is able to heal (emotionally and physically) in a healthy way. She can definitely flip this to inspire many women out there who are in abusive relationships and are afraid to leave and/or notify the police.

      My heart truly goes out to her. I don’t give a fuck WHAT she did.

  8. Lee says:

    That’s just horrible. Chris Brown is a douche.

  9. Jenny says:

    What the hell did she do to deserve that?

    I’m sick of people trying to make excuses for Brown. “He grew up with an abusive stepfather.” So the fuck what? Shouldn’t he, out of all people, understand that it is wrong to hit woman, period? His mother went through this pain… I can’t imagine how disappointed she is right now.

    I was sucker punched in the eye once… THE INJURY WAS NOT THAT BAD AS RIHANNA’S (in fact, it was just a tiny bruise that nobody noticed). Come the fuck on… He must of double-punch her. If not, probably slapped her real hard too.

    I’m not accepting the apology. He’s just apologizing because people exposed him.

    Poor Rihanna. My heart goes out to her. She’s probably really embarrassed that this went public, but at least there’s a lot of people that are willing to help.

  10. Aoki says:

    I aint really worryin’ about this whole thing. I feel like there are many women that get abused by their men and they dont get this much publicity. So thats why I aint trippin’. I love rihanna and chris brown the same but they’re both getting to cocky for me.

  11. nyla says:

    In my opinion any time this issue comes to light and the abuser might be (hopefully he will) serve jail time it’s good. I think it shows men and young boys that even celebrities who can get out of anything because of their money, can’t escape the law. It shows women and young girls that those little marks and bruises their significant other is leaving on them can turn into something like this or worst.

    I am also really bothered by the comments online, I can’t believe that people keep defending Chris Brown and “praying that he is ok”. Why are you praying for him? He’s not the one that was beaten on. Or people who say that scratches and bruises eventually disappear but a criminal record doesn’t and SHE has damaged his life forever. She will be emotionally damaged for the rest of her life knowing that someone she loved beat her up. A lot of people keep saying that she should have never reported it, that Chris Brown could have made this up to her in other ways, “he’s young and people make mistakes”….. How could he have made this up?! By killing her the next time?! I HATE these comments!

    Who knows how many young girls who are victims of domestic abusers read these comments and think, well maybe they are right, maybe I shouldn’t call the police and have him make it up to me! Aren’t there enough battered women dying already?Do they want more dying? And why do people keep mentioning how young Chris Brown is, have they forgotten that Rihanna is young too? And why is it that people keep going to great lengths to defend this moron as if he’s some sort of god.

  12. Vashael says:

    Okay that was my first time actually seeing the photo and its shocking.
    I’ve heard lots of stories about the whole abuse incident and after my initial shock I just brushed it off as an overly sensationalized story by the media till my friend described the photo.

    And the fact that people are defending chris brown? And saying that she did something to deserve that?! Or that she shouldn’t have called the police. That’s absolute bullshit.
    What could she have possibly done to deserve that kind of abuse?!
    Chris brown deserves to go in jail, he’s fucking despicable. And is any man who abuses the ones they love.

  13. tiff says:

    My gawd, I would never thought it’d be that brutal. I have completely lost my respect for Chris Brown. Poor RiRi.

  14. Torii H. says:

    ughh did yall even get the whole story??..the thing is NOBODY knows th whole story cept them 2!!
    she done cheated on him [rumors say she gave him herpes] and shes rude as hell! she probably did something so wrong [even something as far as puttin HER hands on HIM 1st]…w/e the case was, i dnt feel bad for her at all…then again i was never a fan of Rihanna..

    if the herpes thing is true thats enough for ANYONE to beat the brakes off the person “spreadin the love”

    but thats what i [and a lot of other people] think…agree or disagree idc.

    **but i do love your blogs chanel!! dont ever stop(:
    -Toe-rayy =]

  15. odessa says:

    People been saying for the longest time that they should brake up maybe that should of been a warning sign to them both. She didn’t deserve to get beat like that but at the same time how long will you iggnore people telling you to stop dating someone because you guys arent right for eachother. From my understanding and inside info Rihanna and Chris were arguing a lot because Rihianna is a very jealous girl and Chris comes from an abusive background so to me it was only a matter of time before their relationship ended tragically so sad it had to be this tragic tho. Its not the first time he’s hit her so honestly I blame her for staying around and if she’s STILL with him I dont feel that sorry for her cuz she allowing him another chance to beat on her and its only a matter of time before he does. They both need serious help if you ask me. I hope she stands up, leaves him and makes a positive outcome of whats happened to her cuz if she goes back with him thats gonna send a bad message to younger girls allover.

  16. Marsha says:

    Wow, I’ve heard/read about this, but not seen a picture till now… What is wrong with him? D:

  17. Gabriella says:

    Abuse is never okay, doesn’t matter who hit who, who started it, who did what, and so on. If she hit him first, and then he hit her back I think they both need to go to jail for some time. If the situation was reverse and she had beat the crap out of him no one would say anything. Everytone would be happy, and she wouldn’t go to jail.

    I have a friend who was beaten so bad she almost died, he beat her, dragged her by her hair (DOWN THE STAIRS) took her outside, and ran her over with his car. Prior to this, he had hit her several times before. She started cutting herself. And it took her getting run over by the car and in the E.R before she decided to leave him.

    I have no respect for rhianna if she stays with him. Just like I lost respect for my friend. She always came to me for advice however you cannot give advice to someone who wont take it. I love chris browns music, but I dont love him. So he deserves to go to jail. However I am a little upset that most normal abuse cases, no matter how tragic dont get this much publicity.

    Also like I stated before if they were both hitting on each other they bopth need to serve some time. If I was beating my boyfriend and then he hit me one time and bruised my lip, would it be right for only him to go to jail? Even if I started it?

    We dont know who did what yet. But yes its still wrong.

  18. Starr says:

    :notlistening: I dont think none of us is in the position to judge. Him or her. None of us was there. None of us. But yet and still the way everyone’s round here talking, and hosting talk shows about this incident on t.v [YOU’D THINK WE WERE FRONT ROW VIEWERS]. Now dont get me wrong, the last thing Im doing is sayin it was right. Because it is wrong for any man to place their hands on a woman. but. what Im tryin to get at is that. :blogxx: Nobody knows the true freakin story and it is truly irk’n my nerves [ :ughhh: ] how people are talking as if they were there to personaly record the shxxt. :wtf: He was wrong YES. Shoot he was wrong completely. But. living in our day and age where females are known to get off on a boy/man. Its a completely different story. Cause females now-a-days DO FIGHT MEN. I see it all the time. and the fact that he is a young black celebrity, he is going to have it way more rough. Only because everybody is round here pissed for RiRi [ :omg: WHOM I AM A BIG FAN OF] and what is the media doing taking it all in and in the end we are the ones sleeping oh so fckn peacefully while he is dealing with the results of people he never met or seen a day in his life rumors which in the end is only making it worse.



    MUCH LOVE :love: