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lost in translation.

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Have you ever argued with someone to later come to the realization that you’ve both been saying the same thing all along? Words are the most powerful things in the world. Think about it. It’s said that God spoke and things manifested into existence. Humans are an elite species because of our ability to think and verbally communicate.

Now the key to word usage is to use words in which the other party knows and understands; transference of information from one to another. However, we often fail to communicate effectively and somewhere along the line we get lost in translation. Men and women speak different languages. Unfortunately more often than not this lack of understanding causes irreparable damage.

I know several married couples who have never sat down and defined the word marriage. She sees it as a partnership where everything is shared and discussed; an emotional feelings-driven bond that can never be broken. He on the other hand sees marriage as a contract and if one party fails to hold up his or her end of the bargain, the divorce door is always there to open.

Our society puts so much emphasis on the “might as well” “what you waiting for” relationship, people often skip essential steps. They forget to define key terms that will make or break the relationship.

In order to move in any direction with any relationship, a sit-down must occur for both individuals to define what marriage and a relationship means to them. Without clarity, you create a false and distorted image of what should be. You end up setting expectations that will never be met, leaving you unfulfilled and far from satisfied.

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Source: Stephanie Fleary